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Every penny raised for Blood Pressure UK counts. We rely on voluntary donations to carry out our work.

We aim to reduce the number of people affected directly by preventable death and disability from heart disease, heart attacks and stroke caused by high blood pressure.

Your donations are essential in helping us to run our services and provide information and support to over a million people each year.

Here are examples of how your donation, large or small, can make a vital difference.

Your donation 
 What your donation will allow us to provide
£50Lets us send a free information pack to 20 people worried about their blood pressure
£5Allows us to respond to an email enquirer concerned about hypertension
£10Enables us to provide follow up information for 1 person who has been found to have high blood pressure and other risk factors linked to having a heart attack or stroke
£25Allows us to provide a nurse with 40 information leaflets to distribute to patients
£150Supports our Information Line for a day
£100Covers the costs of vascular screening 3 people out in the community, enabling us to potentially identify those who are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke
£200Pays for an expert advice and support email to be sent to our database of people concerned about their blood pressure

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Why we're needed

Learn more about why its vital to prevent and control high blood pressure

The need

“You explain blood pressure in a nice tone and in a way a layman can understand. An excellent service.”

Information Line caller

The Charity Awards 2008 Winner

The Charity Awards 2008 Winner

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