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Members of the Public (UK only)

To request single booklets, please call 020 7882 6255.

Health Professionals (UK only)

To order resources for use in clinics, surgeries and at events, please use the form below.

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Please note: we can only send literature to addresses in the UK

Delivery times:

We send all orders each Wednesday, by 2nd Class Royal Mail.
This means that orders can take 10-15 working days to arrive.

If you require literature earlier than this, please call 020 7882 6255

BPA Resource

Love your heart (A South Asian guide to controlling your blood pressure) - A5 booklet

£ 0.50

A5 booklet that looks at heart health and blood pressure from a South Asian perspective and covers key concerns and issues

Measuring your blood pressure at home - Pressure Points booklet #5

£ 0.50

This A5 booklet provides clear instructions on how to measure blood pressure at home. It covers how to choose an accurate monitor, how to use the machine correctly at home and when to measure

Take control: get checked today - A3 poster (Max: 6)

£ 0.00

(Maximum of 6 free posters) This poster is designed to address the African Caribbean community with basic blood pressure awareness messages

High blood pressure - general leaflet (Max: 50)

£ 0.00

(Maximum of 50 free leaflets) This small leaflet provides a quick overview of high blood pressure and its importance, together with the key lifestyle changes that people who do not currently have high blood pressure can make to avoid developing it. Fits easily into a handbag or jacket pocket

High blood pressure: your questions answered A4 pad

£ 1.50

A pad of 50 tear-off sheets that answer the top 10 questions that people who have been newly diagnosed with high blood pressure are likely to ask. The answers reinforce key lifestyle and clinical messages to encourage people to make active changes to lower their blood pressure

Healthy lifestyle and blood pressure - Pressure Points booklet #3

£ 0.50

This A5 booklet is a useful guide to the physical aspects of controlling blood pressure - from increasing daily activity to keeping to a healthy weight

Getting the most from blood pressure medicines - Pressure Points booklet #4

£ 0.50

This A5 booklet answers the most common questions people ask about their blood pressure medicines. It seeks to reassure and to reinforce key messages about the medical treatment of high blood pressure

Healthy eating (The African Caribbean way) - A5 booklet

£ 0.50

This booklet gives practical information, including which traditional African Caribbean dishes are high in salt, and provides heart-healthy alternatives

Top tips for a healthier blood pressure - A3 poster (Max: 6)

£ 0.00

(Maximum of 6 free posters) Designed for waiting rooms and health awareness stands, this poster promotes awareness of high blood pressure as a serious problem and highlights 5 key lifestyle changes that will help to lower blood pressure and heart and stroke risk

Introducing high blood pressure - Pressure Points booklet #1

£ 0.50

This A5 booklet gives basic information about blood pressure and living with high blood pressure. It outlines the main lifestyle and medical approaches to lowering blood pressure

Healthy eating and blood pressure - Pressure Points booklet #2

£ 0.50

This A5 booklet gives practical tips on how to make healthy changes to eating and drinking habits to lower blood pressure. It includes information on salt reduction, alcohol limits and eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day

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