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Blood pressure medicines

Blood pressure medicines

There is no cure for high blood pressure. This means that if you start taking medicines, you will probably need to keep taking them for life. If you stop taking them, your blood pressure will quickly rise again.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your blood pressure medicines.

1. Accept your blood pressure medicines

Remind yourself that your blood pressure medicines are helping to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. Your body can’t do this on its own anymore.

2. Make your medicines a part of your routine

Take your medicines at the same time every day. Your blood pressure will usually be highest in the morning, so you could take them with breakfast.

3. Learn about your blood pressure medicines

Read the information that comes with your blood pressure medicines. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or nurse, or your pharmacist.

4. Measure your blood pressure at home

If you measure your blood pressure at home, you will be able to see the effect that your medicines are having on your blood pressure.

5. Keep up with a healthy lifestyle

The more you can lower your blood pressure without medicines, the less blood pressure medicine you will need. A healthy lifestyle can also help your medicines to work better.

Blood pressure medicines guide

Your guide to the different types of blood pressure medicines

Types of blood pressure medicine

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