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What high blood pressure (hypertension) specialists can do

What high blood pressure (hypertension) specialists can do

Most people with high blood pressure will find that their blood pressure can be controlled by their GP or practice nurse. However, there are some situations where treating a person’s blood pressure may be more complicated. If this is true for you, you may be sent to see a high blood pressure specialist.

Blood pressure specialists are highly skilled in caring for people who have high blood pressure. Because of this, they tend to treat people who have particular difficulties in controlling their blood pressure.

Why might I be sent to see a hypertension specialist?

Your GP may arrange an appointment for you to see a blood pressure specialist if:

  • your blood pressure is difficult to control 
  • your blood pressure is very high 
  • it is difficult to say whether you have high blood pressure or not 
  • you are going to have 24-hour blood pressure monitoring 
  • you are pregnant, or have been pregnant, and have high blood pressure 
  • you have many side-effects when taking your medicines 
  • there may be an underlying cause for your high blood pressure.

Can I make an appointment myself?

No. You will only be able to see a blood pressure specialist if you are referred by your GP.

If you think that you would benefit from seeing a hypertension specialist, you must speak to your GP first.

Where can I find a high blood pressure specialist?

There are a number of blood pressure specialists around the UK, however most are based in teaching hospitals and may be some distance from your local hospital.

Your doctor will be able to find your nearest specialist by looking on the British Hypertension Society website – www.bhsoc.org

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