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When we make our information we consult a wide range of books, websites and journals. These references help us to produce information that is accurate and up to date. This section lists some of the more common references we use. We will not consult all of them every time. If you want to know the references for a particular information item, please contact us.

Treatment guidelines

Our standard references for any information are the UK treatment guidelines for high blood pressure. These are:


We consult a number of medical textbooks about high blood pressure. These include:

  • Beevers DG, Lip GYH and O’Brien E (eds.), ABC of Hypertension, 5th edition (Blackwell, 2007)
  • Kaplan NM, Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension, 9th edition (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006)
  • MacGregor GA and Kaplan NM, Fast Facts: Hypertension, 3rd edition (Health Press, 2006)
  • Wilkinson IB, Waring WS, Cockcroft JR, Hypertension: Your Questions Answered (Churchill Livingstone, 2003)

Books for people with high blood pressure

Books for people with high blood pressure can be useful. They are particularly good at describing complex ideas in simple language. Some such books are:

  • Beevers DG, Understanding Blood Pressure (Family Doctor Books, 2006)
  • Fahey T, Murphy D, and Tudor Hart J, High Blood Pressure at your Fingertips, 3rd edition (Class Publishing, 2004)
  • Palmer A and Williams B, A Simple Guide to Blood Pressure (Bestmedicine Health Handbooks, 2005)


There are many reliable and trustworthy websites which we use to help write our information. These include:

  • British National Formulary ( this is a standard medicines reference for health professionals in the UK.
  • Cochrane Collaboration ( this website gathers together the evidence for medicines and other treatments. Its purpose is to assess whether there is enough evidence to recommend particular treatments.
  • Electronic Medicines Compendium ( this is a collection of Patient Information Leaflets for medicines used in the UK. These leaflets are produced by pharmaceutical companies and include lists of all known side-effects.
  • NHS Choices ( the NHS website has information on a wide range of health conditions. It also has information on health services in your local area.
  • Pubmed ( this website lists research articles published in medical journals.


There are many medical journals, and a small number of journals dedicated to blood pressure research. Some more well-known general medical journals are:

Some journals that focus on blood pressure research are:

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