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We follow a very clear process when we make our information. This section explains the different stages, and what we do at each point.

How we make our information

How we make our information

Planning and drafting

We may decide to write an information item for a number of reasons. We take a lot of enquiries from our members and from the public. If something comes up regularly and we do not already cover it, we may decide to put some information together. Or else a news story or new research might prompt us to prepare information about it.

We always research a topic before we write about it. We have a number of reliable reference texts that we use to find out the facts. We may also consult our members and advisers for their opinions and experiences.

When we write a first draft of the information we aim to be as clear as possible. We try as much as we can to stick to plain English, and we use a number of style guides to help us with this.

When we have a first draft, we show it to other staff members for their input before sending it out to other readers. This is to make sure that the whole organisation is happy with what we are saying.

Review and re-drafting

We will then send the draft information to our reviewers and medical advisers for their comments.

Reviewers are people who have high blood pressure, who have agreed to check through our draft information. They will check whether the information is clear and readable. We also ask them to think about whether it is relevant to their own experiences of living with high blood pressure.

Our advisers are doctors and health professionals who have an interest in blood pressure. They check that our information is accurate and clear. They will also tell us about other sources of information which we can use.

We review all the comments we receive and make changes according to what reviewers and advisers suggest. If we are writing an information sheet or web page, we can then publish it. If we are writing a leaflet or booklet, we will then send it to a designer to lay it out.

Design and final proof

Making a leaflet or booklet is not just about what the words say. It is just as important that the information looks right. Information that is not laid out properly can be off-putting and difficult to read.

We try to ensure that we use a clear and large enough text size that most people will be able to read. We also make sure that the contrast between colours is strong enough that people will be able to make it out. If someone cannot read our information, we can offer a large-print text.

Our booklets use images and pictures of people. We choose images that we think are appropriate to our readers. When we use pictures of people we will also try to ensure that we include a mix of gender, ethnicity and age.

Once we can see the information laid out, we may need to make some changes to the text or layout. If these are major changes, we may need to send the information back to our reviewers and advisers. Otherwise we will print the information and make it available to download on our website.

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